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 »»  CENTENARY  ««


The Society will turn 100 in August 2018 and since its inception in 1918, has published one volume of meticulously edited original South African historical documents a year. The Society was established at that time because its founders sought to provide a sense of the historical roots of the first new South Africa created in 1910.

Now, in the second new South Africa, the Society continues to pursue that same goal, but with a much wider sense of our roots. Thus, in recent years we have added to the diverse array of our publications, works by a broader range of South African historical figures, some in their original Dutch, Afrikaans, Setswana and isiXhosa but translated into English for the first time.  We believe that there is a need to make available in print an even greater variety of South African voices from our past and this is what we aim to do in the second century of our existence. In carrying out this task we think that we will contribute to the reconciliation of the conflicting histories of the peoples of today’s South Africa.

One of the ways in which we plan to mark this historic anniversary is by launching a Centenary Fund to secure the financial foundation necessary for our next 100 years of publishing high-quality volumes of historical documents relating to Southern Africa’s past.


Our appeal to you as members and supporters is to please make a generous, once-in-a-century donation to the Society’s Centenary Fund. But for the Society and its volumes, many key documents on Southern Africa’s history would never have been made available to the public. In donating, you will be creating a basis for our Society’s future, thereby ensuring for all a better understanding of both the past and the present of our sub-continent.

Donors may choose to remain anonymous, but, if not, they will be listed in one of five categories on our website and in our 100th volume. The five donor categories are:

DIAMOND donors: (those who give R50,000 or more)

PLATINUM donors: (those who give R20,000 or more)

GOLD donors: (those who give R10,000 or more)

SILVER donors: (those who give R2,500 or more)

BRONZE donors: (those who give R300 or more)

Our aim is to raise R1.5 million.

Donations may be made by EFT or direct deposit into our bank account (see below), or by cheque or cash submitted to our office. Please use as reference “CENTFUND and your name” and send proof of payment to office@vanrs.co.za.


Banking details:
Van Riebeeck Society
Bank:               Standard Bank, Thibault Square, Cape Town.
Account:         Current Account (07 051 2035).  Branch code (02 090 9)
Swift Code:     SBZAZAJJ